26 Apr 2023

A tracker for short-term mutual fund savings

Jupiter Pots is a service I use for my short-term savings. I also use mutual funds for short-term savings. I thought it’ll be nice if Jupiter Pots supported mutual funds too. Sayan Sircar of Arthgyaan is the kind of person who will inspire you to solve your problems yourself. He gave subtle hints while we were talking that it’s not hard to build something like Jupiter Pots if one wanted. That was enough motivation for me to try making a spreadsheet that does what Jupiter Pots does. Of course the spreadsheet gives a less polished UX (user experience), but it gives us much greater flexibility and control.

After I created the spreadsheet, I humble-bragged to Sayan that I had done it. Then the idea of sharing the spreadsheet to the world through Sayan’s website came. I wrote a blog post with Sayan’s help. He also recommended that we make a demo video, which I think was an excellent idea.

Please head over to Arthgyaan for an overview and demo of my short-term savings tracker.

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