6 Dec 2023

Does removing stress make you wealthy?

I spent a lot of time and energy in the last 3 years or so getting my money management story in order. What is the investment plan for long-term needs? What is the savings plan for short-term needs? How to tell if I am running a budget surplus or a budget deficit? How to protect family money from my whims?

It was stressing me out before. I kept working on solving one problem after another, and now everything is starting to fall in place. But that reveals another issue: I don’t know how to use the free time available now! So far, most of my free time went into making and tweaking my finance plan. Now that a mature plan is in place, I don’t really need to be actively thinking about those problems.

I have free time now. I need to figure out how to use that time. A good problem to have.

They say that “wealthy” means you have freedom over how you spend your time. Does that mean I have become relatively wealthier? 🤔

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