28 Jan 2008

My Bose Story

"After this there's no turning back!" This is not only true with taking the red pill. It's also the case with getting used to comfort. I bought Bose in-ear headphones a few months back. As many reviewers have warned, the tips of the earphones fall out easily. I lost mine twice and luckily found them back. When my friend borrowed my earphones he didn't pay enough attention to the tips so it got lost. (In my opinion, any device that needs special care/attention is badly designed.) I play music almost all the time when I drive. Today I went to Bose store to buy the tips and I was listening to music on the way using my old Panasonic earphones . I couldn't believe myself when my ears started paining within 30 minutes of listening. I'm glad that I bought the slightly overpriced Bose earphones, as they are doing good to my ears. If you are a heavy earphone user, consider getting something really good. I bet it's worth the money.

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