11 Feb 2008

Tamil FM Radios

Update: I don't think any of these links or scripts work anymore.  Maybe you can try out, if you are interested.  But isai.in sounds like a good place now.  They keep playing some song always.  Just leave the site open in a browser tab and do the work :)

Occasionally I listen to Aahaa FM. I started with Chinmayi's Aahaa Kaapi Klub, which is a good companion when I get ready to office. I use GNU/Linux on my computer for the love of command-line. I will show you how I play FM radios on my computer. As you have guessed, I play them from command line :)

This is the script for Aahaa FM:
# Play Aahaa FM using Mplayer.

mplayer mms:// "$@"
Update: This command doesn't work anymore because of the changes to Aahaa FM site. Now the users are required to log in to be able to listen. I use a ChickenFoot script to automate the login process.

This is the script for Nila FM:
# Play Nila FM using Mplayer.

mplayer "$@"

This is the script for Shyam Radio:
# Play Nila FM using Mplayer.

mplayer http://wm.chennaistream.net/shyamradio "$@"


  1. only shyam's radio works out now
    it would be great if u share radio city and suryan fm's similar url tht plays on linux.
    Thank you very much

    1. Unfortunately, many free radios simply disappear after a while :(