13 Dec 2009

Fake friend

Rosy's toy collection was pretty small.  She had a plastic bottle and a small plastic box.  Every day she would fill her bottle with water.  In the plastic box she had some salt.  For months, these were her only toys.  She would make a different story every day with salt and water.  She will empty the water bottle when the game ends, but she will keep the salt in its box.  Salt is a closer friend to her than water, she thought, and she was loyal to her friend.

One day, a neighbouring brat ran his bicycle over her salt box and the box broke.  Thankfully, most of the salt remained in the box.  Rosy cried her heart out for a few minutes.  But no one came to help, so she had to console herself and find a way to fix the broken toy.

Her inspection of the salt box revealed that it might be possible to repair the box with Quick Fix.  But for that, the box had to emptied.  Rosy didn't have a spare box to keep the salt in.  After a little thinking, she decided she would put the salt into the water bottle while the box is being repaired.  So she dumped the remaining salt into water and ran into her house to fix the box.

It was a lot of work, but Rosy had fixed the box without anyone's help.  Her friend Salt would be proud of her for her accomplishment.  And it will be happy for having such a caring friend.  She ran to the water bottle only to see that the salt had ran away from her.  She can't believe a friend whom she loved so much, and cared for so much can just run away for no reason.  In fact, she was going out of her way to protect the same friend when the friend betrayed her and ran away.  This made her extremely angry and sad at the same time.

That was Rosy's first encounter with fake friends.  Since then she's been seeing so many that she is not much surprised when she finds a friend to be fake.  Although she is very sick and tired of meeting fake people again and again.

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