30 Dec 2009

Welcome to the Real World

After a little more than a year, my mom has left Hyderabad and I am gonna be living alone again.  As I was coming back from the railway station I started thinking about how things are going to be from now onwards.

I like using a bike for my travels than a car.  I hate air-conditioned buses and trains.  When I am inside them, I feel like an animal inside a cage, completely separated from the "real world".  On a bike it's different: I am in the real world.  I can feel the wind, I can feel the sun; there isn't anything between me and the world.

Managing/maintaining a house is a lot of work.  Countless small small things to be taken care of pop up from nowhere.  When I live with my mom, she takes care of many things for me.  But now, I have to do everything by myself.  When there is no water at home I have to go get it.  Every week I have to get my laundry done, otherwise I will soon run out of clothes to wear.  If I don't make any plans for my meals I'd have to stay hungry.  And so on.  For me, this feels like being in the real world.  Nothing goes unnoticed.  I have to work to earn every single necessity or comfort.  I like real world!

One other thing about living alone is freedom.  Quite often I'd take the bike and leave home.  After getting on the road only I'd start thinking where I can go.  When there's someone else living with me, I can't do that.  I have to say in advance where I am going and when they can expect my return.  This freedom, freedom to defer thinking about my plans till the last moment, is something I love to have.

And there are certain "weird" things I'd do if I am alone.  Like, sitting under the street light and reading a novel at 2 o' clock in the night.  I can do this when my mom is with me; but having to tell her before getting out of the house (in the middle of her sleep) is something I will never want to do.  Now I am free to do crazy things of this sort.

And there's more to it.  2010 for me starts in a "real world".  Going to be fun :)

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  1. Hey Kannan

    I so understand... I remember moving out of my mother's place. It meant freedom and independence but it also came with a rude shock of how much my Mom had done until now and how much I had to do here on.

    It meant a lot more work but it was loads of fun too : ) Living alone is indeed fun in its own way...