10 Apr 2010

Devil's workshop

Sitting idle at home for a week can affect your mental stability.  Or so I think.  But how do I know?  I'll tell you.

Today is the 11th consecutive day I'm on sick leave.  All these days I am confined between the walls of something -- either my house or the hospital.  Even when I go to the doctor's I sit inside something like a cab (which I hate any day).  So it went on like this.

This morning I woke up and started checking mails on my phone.  Then I thought, "I need a device like this.  Simple to use.  Something that I don't have to wait for to wake up from sleep or to get connected to the Internet."  And then I thought this: "Maybe I could buy an iPad too.  How much would it cost?"  I know I wouldn't think this in my right mind.

Later in the evening, I was searching for Zune reviews and trying to find out how much Zunes cost in India!  I mean, what the hell?  I hope I remain sane until I go to work and not waste money on any of this.  God bless me!

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