4 Apr 2010

Random thoughts: Goodness quotient

Goodness quotient of a person varies -- or rather fluctuates -- over time.  But it's always between a low and high.  Whether someone is a 'good person' or not depends on, among a few other things, how narrow their goodness range is.  Or maybe there's no such generalizations as 'good person' or 'bad person'.  Maybe that's why Doolittle told Henry that he was a little of both.


  1. What you have good and bad acts. Whether a person is good or bad will depend on which sub set if acts is being used to arrive at the judgement.

  2. I was talking about one's own judgement (like always). When you ask your conscience what does it say -- are you good or not. That depends on everything you know about yourself -- which would be a huge subset of all your actions.