10 Aug 2010

Pilgrimage 2010: tents

You find tents everywhere.  Hotels, restaurants, living place for people, and whatnot.  One thing I really like about the tents is that they’re so temporary.  The tent probably didn’t exist a couple months back.  In a few months, when the people leave that place (migrating to someplace where winter isn’t too harsh), the tent will go with them too.  Everything inside the tent, the tent itself with all its supporting polls would be loaded in a pick up and within days you won’t find a trace that there was a restaurant that fed so many passersby.  This impermenance is intriguing and I kinda like it.  In a way I want my life to be like that too.

See Pilgrimage 2010 for some background on what "Pilgrimage 2010" is.

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