8 Aug 2010

Pilgrimage 2010: tidbits

  • Packing for a 21-day trip is way different from packing for a 2-day trip.
  • India is vast.  It took us 10 days of riding (plus one day of rest) to reach Leh from Hyderabad.  We felt like tiny ants climbing their fastest on a tall mountain.
  • Maharashtra is beautiful.
  • Monsoons are probably the best time to ride in India.  As long as you have proper rain gear.
  • Nexus One is a pretty good phone to carry while traveling.
  • I love Vodafone.  (I like the name Hutch though.)  It just works wherever I go.  When other two phones we carried (BSNL and AirTel) were completely dead in Kashmir, my Vodafone worked just fine.
  • One way traffic is boring.  I'd choose old two-way highways any day.
  • It's amazing how well one can drive while sleeping.
  • I have wanted to be a cab driver for a while.  Now I think I'd rather be a truck driver.
  • I like trucks for their enormous size and beauty.
  • I like roads; I find them beautiful.
  • Traveling aimlessly and having time to spare lets you think free.  We should note that Pirsig wrote both his books while he was traveling.
  • On some national highway it was written that a good driver is seldom hurt.  I agree.

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