8 Aug 2010

Pilgrimage 2010

I have always wanted to do this.  Take a map of India, draw a long line on it, and say "I am going to travel this route."  17th of July, I started on one such trip.  I covered 4842km on my bike (plus about 2200km using public transport, which is not of much importance).

On the bike, I covered about 13 national highways and more than 20 state highways.  I would have approximately burned 105 to 110 litres of petrol.  Here's the rough route map of my travel, excluding public transport.  (Click on the picture to see it in the original size, or see the route on Google Maps.)  With me was my brother Saravanan, who took his bike from my native place Kovilpatti.  His trip is 1100km longer than mine.

I couldn't believe myself when we started on 17th morning.  We kept riding.  As days went by we saw new terrains and new people.  Yet it was all only like a dream; I couldn't believe it was really happening.  Now, everything is over and I shall be at work tomorrow doing whatever I usually do; yet it still feels like a dream.

PS: Pictures I took during this trip are available as a Picasa web album.


  1. It takes courage to dream a dream and work at making it a reality ! Kudos mate !

  2. Thanks anna, you were one of the biggest encouragements in making this happen.