19 Sept 2010

Accidents happen

What do you think about shouting at someone in Tamil, knowing well that he doesn't understand a word of what you're saying?  I really think it's pointless.  Although that's just what I did today.

About 6 hours back, I was on the road going on my bike to see a friend.  A city bus decided to stop for whatsoever reason, so the Santro following that bus had to stop suddenly too.  I was behind the Santro and I was impressed that I had avoided hitting the car by literally an inch.  Just when I was thinking "not bad," something happened and my bike fell on the road.  I turn back and see a truck.  That truck must have hit my bike from behind.

I scream and curse the guy, all in Tamil.  In the back of my mind I knew this guy won't understand a bit of what I am saying, and I kinda convinced myself that he isn't hearing anything of what I shout.  After a round of shouting I decide to get the bike up and see if there's any damage.  But the truck has to move a little for me to do that.  I extend my arm fully and shout "பின்னால போ" ("get back") and he immediately goes a little back.

I pick the bike up, put it on the side stand, and look around it.  There isn't any visible damage.  And the driver and the other man in sitting in the truck are looking very apologetic.  There isn't anything productive to do there.  So I start the bike and just go.

This is almost nothing.  Just one blow from behind, that too on the bike, not on me.  When I was doing all the shouting and checking the bike I didn't hear the song that was playing.  I mean, not "listen", I just didn't hear it!  My body was shaking for another few minutes, which I noticed only after getting off the bike after reaching the place I was going to.  I wonder how it would have been to the guy who got hit directly by my bike about 3 years ago!  It was fully his mistake and all that, but I really do feel sorry for hitting that guy.  Whosoever you are, where you are now, dude, I am really sorry, and I apologise for hitting you from behind.

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