13 Sept 2010

Things I've discovered about myself - 2

  • I hate it when friends don’t trust me.
  • I don’t like it much when others complain about things that I’m indifferent to.
  • I sometimes make typos while writing my own name.
  • I like to show off.
  • I’m claustrophobic.
  • I don’t like air-conditioning.
  • I like doing things that involve physical labour.
  • I like movies, but I like it better when someone I trust chooses movies for me.
  • I don’t experiment by trying out different food.  I’m conservative in that way.
  • Although I sometimes try insane combinations.  Like mixing pineapple and mango pickle.  Or mixing chocolate and curd.
  • I have the ability to, and I sometimes do, manipulate people.

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