19 Sept 2010

Slow poison

I have a good friend who likes to call himself "slow poison".  After I met him, I have thought about the idea of slow poison quite a few times.  I can now say I have experienced such a thing at least twice in my life.  But they're not negative as poison, they're very positive.

1. The movie Adaptation.  I first saw the movie, and I didn't really like it much.  Somehow I didn't want to accept that and told myself that it was an okay movie.  But later, different scenes from the movie came to my mind every now and then, and I started liking those scenes.  Bit by bit the movie grew on me, and a few days ago I saw the movie once over again.  I am thinking I will see it again after some time.

2. My long bike ride, Pilgrimage 2010.  As soon as I was back it was just another ride/vacation for me.  Nothing remarkable.  But every now and then I get a glimpse of how that trip has changed me.  Then I called it a pilgrimage just for the kicks.  But in retrospect, I think that was indeed a real pilgrimage.  And this pilgrim wants more and more such pilgrimages in life!

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