29 Jan 2011

Mordacs FTW

I hate incompetence.  Interacting with incompetent people pisses me off.  United Health Care provides medical insurance for my company, and the expense incurred on the lenses of my spectacles is covered.  This year I got a new pair of glasses with a 50% discount on the frame.  The bill clearly says the lenses were sold at the actual price and the frame at a discounted price.  Either UHC reads bills like reading post-modern literature, or they have limited comprehension ability.  They applied the 50% discount on the lens price and said they'd reimburse only half of the incurred expense.

I went ahead and filed a dispute.  I was pleasantly surprised when they called me the very next day.  The person on the phone listened to me patiently and she said she'd do what she can.  Later, I got a mail saying they will investigate and pay me after 2 months!  (I'm amazed at this efficient process!)  In a few days I forgot the whole thing.

A couple days back the same person called me again and said they looked into my case and they would pay me a little more than the original offer, but not the actual expense incurred.  I had forgotten the whole thing, and I wasn't interested in asking her why.  Today, I get a mail saying they will pay me about a 1000 rupees lesser than the original offer.  WTF?!  I again filled up their feedback form, but this time with a more liberal choice of words.

Even more pissing off was their feedback form.  You cannot use hyphens, exclamation marks, or quotes in the feedback text.  It means you cannot write "don't", instead you write "do not".  (Slightly better than these people, but still they are Mordacs.)

I have an ask for you, the reader.  If you do come across a Mordac in real life, please ask them to learn how to prevent SQL injection without spoiling the user experience.  Please do that, you're not doing me a favour, you're doing a favour to the entire web!

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