3 Feb 2011

Commuting is more than getting to work

I visited Sydney in the beginning of January, and stayed there for two weeks.  Since returning I have been using the office cab for commuting to work.  Today, I had to run some errands on the way to work, so I took my bike.  There's nothing new about my riding to work, and nothing new happened on the roads today.

However, I could see how angry and upset I became because of the (reckless) traffic.  It made me feel so negative, I could not focus on work!  It took me more than 4 hours before I could start wanting to do any work.  It wasn't like that till yesterday.  But it has been like this for a really long time in the past.  Now I know why I couldn't perform well at work: I was spending most of my energy in nursing my anger with Hyderabad instead of doing productive work.

I am transferring out of Hyderabad pretty soon.  In the light of this revelation, I am thinking I'd then stay very close to office and walk to work.  It might be expensive, I may not get to spend an hour reading news during commute, etc., but it definitely would keep me in good spirits to get the real work done.  (I know many people don't, but I like the time spent in commuting.)  Getting real work done will make me proud, sulking about things beyond my control will not.

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