11 Feb 2011

What should we give kids?

Maybe all we need to give our kid is freedom[*] and respect[**].  Kids are smart enough to figure out life by themselves.  Maybe just being available to them when they need us, and staying out of their way otherwise is what we should do.

[*] In addition to parents giving them freedom, they should also ensure that they get freedom from other people too.  For example, by not sending the kids to schools that would punish them for speaking to their classmates in a non-English language.

[**] By "respect" I mean several things.  Believing that they know what's a right choice and what's not.  When they say something to us listening to them seriously.  Treating them like we'd other adults: when we have a problem with their behaviour we tell them to stop it; we don't have to give them the "freedom" to burn our houses down.

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