3 Apr 2011

8 easy steps to get a motorcycle licence in Australia

One of the reasons I moved to Australia was that I wanted to travel.  But looking at the process for getting a motorcycle rider's licence in New South Wales state makes me weep (and laugh at the same time).  Before even applying for any licence, I must live in Australia for 6 months continuously.

After being here for 6 months, I should get a pre-learner training.  Then I should appear for a rider knowledge test.  Once I have passed the test, I should apply for a Learner rider licence.  After at least 3 months I have to enrol for a pre-provisional training.  At the end of the training I'll have to take a riding test.  Passing the riding test will make me eligible to apply for a provisional rider licence, P1.

I must keep the P1 licence for at least 12 months.  After the 12 months period I can upgrade to another provisional licence, P2.  This P2 licence, I must keep for 24 months.  After the 24 months period I can convert the P2 into an unrestricted licence.  All this while (and afterwards), I should keep renewing my licence because temporary residents must renew their licences every year.

A friend and I were talking about cross-country motorcycle rides in Australia before I left India.  Dude, if you're reading this know what to expect when you visit me :-)


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