26 Apr 2011

The rush to spend money

This was during my early days in Hyderabad.  Days just went by with nothing much happening.  I woke up on a Saturday (or maybe a Sunday) morning and I randomly decided that I'd buy a pair of Bose earphones.  It's well above the cost of typical earphones I'd buy, but I wanted to buy the Bose anyway.  Reason?  I was kinda fed up and I had to spend some money.  Like a therapy.

Next time I remember this happening to me was when I was sitting at home doing nothing for a few days.  This time, I somehow managed to get over it without spending money on useless shopping[*].  For the past week or so, I have been dying to buy a tablet.  Today I walked to the Apple Store on George Street to look at the new white iPad.  I searched Amazon and Best Buy sites to  buy Asus's Eee Pad Transformer.  iPad, I must go super nuts to buy; I'm not there yet.  Eee Pad was sold out, so that saved me.

You know what's the worst part?  I know I don't want a tablet.  I am very happy with my laptop.  So happy that I am not reading my Kindle books on the Kindle anymore.  Hope I get over this rush without wasting money!

[*] Okay, so the Bose is not useless shopping, but a Zune definitely would have been... I guess.

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