26 Apr 2011

Heard of pyrexia?

Sometimes it's annoying when people ask questions of no value.  Like asking what happened to you when your status message reads "NFW" or "ill" but you're actually active like any other day.  One of the things you can do is scare them by using words they may not understand immediately.  "Oh yeah, I went to the doctor and she said it looks like pyrexia."  "py what?"  "Pyrexia.  No idea what that is, but she said I'll be okay in a few days."
  • Pyrexia is fever.
  • Cephalgia is headache.
  • Rhinitis is stuffy/blocked nose.
  • Veisalgia is hangover.
  • Pharyngitis is sore throat
PS: I am no doctor, so I could have gotten few (or maybe even all) names wrong.

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