6 May 2011


Someone criticized on Twitter a Linux distribution's site showing a "please donate" page occasionally.  Being the emotional kid I am, I got pissed and furious.  Framed two or three responses in my head to tell him that as a real Linux user I am okay with those pages, and he can keep adoring his Apple devices.

I almost started typing a reply, but I asked myself "so what if he thinks that way?  It's not going to change anything."  Counter argument was "But how can he belittle Linux on a public forum?"  Then I answered myself, "I can simply not follow him if I don't like his opinions.  It's my choice that I am reading what he tweets."

I should remember this when John Gruber writes something not-so-positive about Android or Google again.  I choose to read what they write.

PS: No, @gruber didn't tweet anything about the donations page.

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