31 May 2011

That Medak ride

It happened in 2008 I think.  I was going to Medak with a few friends.  It was a one-day bike ride.  We had three bikes in total, and I was on Chenthil's bullet I was using then.  Ajay missed a turn and he was going fast on a wrong road.  We called him and Aditya, who was his pillion rider, but they didn't answer the phone.  Maybe they didn't notice the call.

We decided one of us would chase and and stop them.  I took the bullet and was pushing it like I never usually do... going at around 85 or 90 when a bus and a truck are very close by.  This was after the bullet's breakdown incident, so I knew riding it fast wasn't the safest thing to do, especially with a pillion rider with me.  At one point I stopped the bike and asked Jhinuk (who was on the pillion with me) to send them a text message asking them to return.  She sent a message and then called them too, so that they notice the vibration of the call.

In a few minutes we got a call from Aditya saying they were turning back.  Even now, when I think about it, I am happy that I didn't do anything stupid like pushing the bike to 100+ kmph.  Speed kills.  Especially on a lousy bike like the bullet.

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