17 May 2011

Honeycomb: first impressions

Have you used the G1?  That was the first ever phone to run Android.  No one liked it.  It sure did a number of things well, but it didn't quite meet the needs of most people.  A year later there was Nexus One, with Eclair on it.  That's when many people had a real choice: they could choose between an iPhone or an Android phone running Eclair.

Honeycomb is a version of Android that's designed specifically for running on tablets.  Though the name of the OS is the same and it can run all pre-Honeycomb apps, it's a very different beast.  It's so different that it frustrates people that expect the UI to resemble what they're used to.  So what if it's different?  It means most of the stuff is newly built.  Expect the quality of G1 from current Honeycomb tablets.  They are unfinished, and the Tab I am using now crashes every day.  Every single day.

I liked the G1.  It was much better than the phones I had before.  It was better than the iPhone for my use because I don't live in Apple's walled gardens.  I have been wanting a tablet since the day I saw Steve Jobs announcing the I pad in January 2010.  Now I am happy with my Tab.  If you are not the kind that can forgive buggy software, or if you are not dying to get your hands on an Android tablet, I'd advise that you wait until tablet versions of Android stabilises.  Won't be very long.

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