22 May 2011

There are certain things you learn over time.  You start accepting things you once couldn't.  I have been hoping for a while that I will be able to not get upset when I see people making fun of ignorance.  Or religious beliefs.  A man had a heart attack because of his religious beliefs and people have to LOL at him publicly.  One part of me says that people are different and I should learn to accept them as they are.  But I just can't not react when I read those news.  Even when I was an atheist, I hated most atheists I knew.  Now I hate them even more.


  1. I totally understand what you mean... I can now accept more things than when I was younger.
    One thing I have learnt over the years is that humans love to feel superior to each other, to denigrate the ones they feel are wrong, or superstitious or whatever...because they feel they are different, better in a way, even if in the end that is by no means true.
    People just like to vent off their anger or frustation on someone else...

  2. True, Shadow. I have seen this "I am better than you" attitude in myself, and every time I am aware of it I try to get over it. But I am pretty sure there are times when I am not aware of it and treat others badly.