3 Sept 2011

The cooking saga begins

After starving for a few weekend days with absolutely nothing to eat[*], I gave in and ordered a microwave.  The oven got delivered yesterday, so on the way back from work, I bought some eggs and some milk for making coffee.  I had no idea what I'd do with the egg, but if at all I am cooking something, I wanted it to be egg.

I woke up late today, as it's usual for a Saturday, and made myself an instant coffee using the microwave.  Was wasting time on the web till 11.30 when I actually felt like some food.  With eggs and a microwave at my disposal, I decided to use the simple recipe I found on wikihow.

With almost nothing to add to eggs (apart from salt, which I remembered to buy yesterday) the eggs were a bit bland.  Well, actually it was too salty, but it'd have been nicer and better-looking if I had had some onions and green chillies.

Cooking is sure some work, but it's a lot easier than going out only to eat.  I guess I'll cook my breakfast over weekends going forward, mainly because it's simpler and I don't enjoy starving anyway :)

Now that the hunger god is pacified, I should go buy some essentials to make future cooking experience better :)

[*] I always have candies, ice creams, and some Indian snacks at home, but I don't eat them when I am hungry.  They are to eat when I am bored :)

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