8 Sept 2011

Good weather, bad weather

Sydney has a very pleasant weather today.  (I have never understood how "warm and sunny" is better than "slightly dark and cloudy".)  Just as I was thinking about this, the not-so-uncommon thought came: "what if all days were pleasant like this?"

First response my mind gave to that thought was something very common: if all days were like this, there won't be nothing "pleasant" about this weather.  And then came another (not-so-new to me) revelation.  I start to want this weather for everyday precisely when I am not thinking about the weather I am oh-so-happy about!  I reckon the thought process goes like this:
  1. Nice weather.  Happy about it for a few moments.  (Ain't it weird to be happy or unhappy about something like weather?)
  2. Mind goes "I like this weather.  Remember that bright sunny day that came in the middle of last week?  I hated it.  I'm glad the good weather is back now."
  3. "That bad weather last week... it's so bad I don't want it again.  I know it's gonna be here in another month when summer starts.  But I don't want it.  I want it to remain like this forever."
Stupid mind... even in good times, it has to fret over and fear bad times that would eventually come (albeit to stay only for a while)!

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