28 Dec 2010

What my 2010 has been like

I am marking 2010 as a great year in my life.  A lot of things happened.  There's a line in a Tamil song, "சிந்தாத கண்ணீர் இல்லை, சிரிப்புக்கும் பஞ்சம் இல்லை" (roughly translates to "loads of laughter and loads of tears").  I think these lines summarize my 2010 really well.

First, I'll list the non-positives since the list is short :)  I couldn't get together with an amazing person I wanted to live with; an already broken relationship with a friend has broken down almost completely, and naturally.  I am not sure if I can make enough money to pull off everything I have started.  I have left my parents -- my father at least -- in a not-so-happy state of mind.

Now for the positives.  I went through my second surgery, and I don't have a screwed up leg anymore ;-)  My brother Saravanan is someone I can call as my soul mate.  I have always liked to travel with him.  This year we went on two bike rides.  I designed t-shirts for myself and as gifts.  I finished reading two big novels: Crime and Punishment and Anna Karenina.  For a slow reader like me, it's really surprising I managed to finish both novels within a year.

I learned photography and managed to take some good pictures.  Went on my dream bike ride.  Contemplated a lot, philosophized a lot.  I have a feeling that I am a bit more mature now than I was in the beginning of 2010.

Best of all, I started working on fixing my long time gripe: Hyderabad.  I blindly chose a place and started working on a transfer.  Things are going pretty good, and I will be leaving Hyderabad in about two months.  I am so insanely happy I even thought about printing a t-shirt that says "I survived 5 years of Hyderabad".  So yeah... that's about it.  Looking forward to an even more interesting 2011.

PS: It's surprising to me that there's no mention about my work in this post... maybe I don't care so much about my work?

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