23 Jul 2011

Mysskin and me

I saw first two movies of Mysskin and liked them both.  I added him to my "watch list".  When he was making his third movie, I happened to see his interview on TV for a minute or so.  He was saying that a movie is basically a story, and songs obstruct the flow of the story.  Loosely, his view was that songs should not be part of movies.

I saw his third movie Nandhalala this morning.  The movie had almost no songs.  He had apparently asked Ilaiyaraja to compose 5 or 6 songs and later decided not to use most of them in the movie because he thought songs were not appropriate in his story.  So, it looks like he did manage to try his approach to movie making.  Personally, I hated the movie because it was full of extremely unlikely incidents and characters.

Then I saw Yudhdham Sey, his fourth movie.  This movie was kinda liked by some of my friends.  "It's mostly like Anjaadhey (his second movie).  It's not a great movie, but don't miss it" was the advice I got.  While the movie was tolerable, it had its own share of stupid characters and very unlikely incidents.  I hear the movie managed to make some money for the producers, but I wonder if Mysskin himself is happy with the way the movie has turned out to be.


Being the egotist I am, I could see myself in Mysskin.  He looked at other people's work and said they were all doing it wrong.  He rose to make a few movies in the "right way" to show to the world what movie making is, but ended up making movies that are arguably worse.

Same with me.  Every time I look at legacy code I scream.  Everything is in one humongous class?  I scream that one component does too many things.  There are quite a few classes?  I scream that the code is overengineered.  And I know the code I write myself is not any better either.  I am trying to make it better, but I know it's not there yet.

I guess the real lesson for me is this: it's easy to mock legacy.  It's easy to call all our predecesors stupid.  Wise it is to understand that the world is not, and probably never will be, ideal, and do what best we can do.  Life is too short for negative thoughts and feelings.

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  1. how the f*** u compare ur self with that genius..!!!!
    did u realy watch Nanadalala and Yutham Sei...?? please think before u write ..how u can said his movie is worse..??? go fuck your self and die iddiot..!!!

    please watch power star movies and compare your self with him .. Manki's(Monkey)