12 Jul 2011

Parking cars

I just realised today that my brain has started trusting my subconscious driving skills.  This is like leaving phase 1 and entering phase 2.  I don't have to focus to stay on one lane, to brake before hitting the car before me, and so on.

Because I don't think much about the fundamentals anymore, now my brain can focus on other things.  Now I am learning to park.  Parking straight, I found in the first few days (of this Mountain View trip) that I can do much easier than before.  Now I am learning to park in reverse.

Well, I am not the kind that would try those things just like that.  I am too scared to experiment with cars or bikes :)  One day I missed the only parking space available and went past it.  Instead of going back all the way and returning to the same place again to park, I tried to park in reverse.  I was surprised how easy it was, and I called my brother Saravanan to ask if I was doing something wrong.  Apparently parking in revers is easy.  He gave me a tip as well: instead of using the rear-view mirrors or looking through the windows, looking through the rear wind shield gives you a better idea of where the car is going.

So I tried that today.  First time I parked the car fairly decently; second time was terrible.  But the point is I am now consciously experimenting.  That's a progress.  I'm happy :)

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