8 Jul 2011

T-Mobile and me

I go to a T-Mobile store to buy a prepaid SIM card.  I look at the options they have, and choose a plan that only gives data connectivity with no voice calls or text messages.  A few days later, I need to make voice calls.  I look around their web site, but there's no way to add voice support on the phone.  So I go to the store again and ask them to add voice support to my phone.  "Oh that's not possible.  Do you want to buy a new SIM?"

Annoyed, but left with no other option, I buy a new SIM with $10 credit for voice calls.  When I put the SIM on the phone, it won't connect to the Internet.  The storekeeper had said that I can get a "day pass" data connectivity by paying around a dollar and a half.  I have already paid $10, so they should deduct from that credit for the day pass, right?  Turns out they won't do that either.  I have to buy it separately.

So I open T-Mobile's web site, and there's no link or option that would let me buy that damned day pass.  I would have to go to the shop again tomorrow to buy it.

I'm glad I don't live in the US.


  1. i hate tmobile. And it sucks that I'm stuck with them for another year. Its bullshit.

  2. Are there better options, apart from AT&T? (Though I've heard from some people that AT&T is actually good.)