29 Jul 2011

Walking on water

There's a Boat Show going on in Darling Harbour.  On my way to work, I thought I'd go check it out.  Only after I entered, I realized that the hundreds of boats that had gathered in there were for sale!  The cheapest one I found was for $73,000.  Most others were much more expensive.  (E.g. "sail-away deal" for a big boat was $499,000).  Looking at all the big boats, I realised that I wouldn't want to own one, even if I could afford the price.  The boats are so big, even imagining owning one doesn't feel good :)

But what I did like was that I was walking on water.  Not literally, of course.  There was a really long platform floating on water for us to walk on.  There's a subtle difference in the way once balances oneself walking on a float like that compared to walking on the ground.  The difference is mild, but it's kinda fun.  The few minutes I was on water renewed my desire to go on a cruise -- basically to be on water for a few days.  Hope I get to do that sometime this year!

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