23 Apr 2012

Predators and scavengers

Some people are of the “predator” class.  They do big stuff, and they don’t (and can’t) care about small stuff.  And there are people of the “scavenger” class who do the small stuff that the predators didn’t do.

Apple, for example, is a predator.  They make devices like iPhone and iPad that people want to buy.  But the devices often only go 90% of the way.  The remaining 10% needs are served by accessory manufacturers.  People who make hundreds of cases and speakers and all kinds of supplements.  In the system we have, all pieces are important: the predator, the scavengers, and the rest (those who buy things).

Whether you are a scavenger or a predator is determined by several factors, but I believe culture is an important one.  Countries like China or India don’t have as many entrepreneurs as we see in some other countries.  (Being a scavenger is not necessarily a bad thing... after all, their without their contributions the predators won’t have the success they have today.)

What I am wondering about is, how hard it would be for a scavenger to start playing predator.  All my life I have been focusing on small stuff, so I know I’m a scavenger.  But I have this desire to transform into a predator... someone that creates jobs for others rather than someone who finds jobs.  Until now I haven’t found any clue how I can make the switch.  But I’m kinda thinking I’ll eventually figure it out... by copying other predators.  I have a few around me :)

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