10 Apr 2012

Why we like (or dislike) things?

One of the things I keep thinking about is what makes us like or dislike something.  We like certain things one day... and the next day we don’t like them.  Or vice versa.  One possible explanation is your current state of mind decides what you think about the things you’re currently thinking about.  When you’re frustrated, you tend to dislike most things you see, for example.  This is succinctly (and beautifully) expressed as உள்ளத்திலே உள்ளதுதான் உலகம் கண்ணா.  This line was very thought-provoking and I have been thinking it to be true ever since I heard that song.

I was on a road trip recently, and I thought all the pictures I took were sloppy.  That’s what I really thought.  Then a friend commented on one picture... and I looked at that picture again with fresh eyes.  This time somehow I liked it a lot.  Something similar happened during my Himalayas trip too.  I thought most of the pictures I took were mediocre... until I incidentally “re-saw” them months later.

For the reason behind liking or disliking things, there’s probably something more going on than just your “current mood”.  While I am tempted to come up with a theory to explain it, I guess I should be patient and observe a little more to see patterns.

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