12 Apr 2012

Unfathomable decisions

This has happened to me several times.  I’d disagree with certain decisions other people make and complain about it.  Often I’d get to speak to the people involved in the decisions and they’ve been usually kind enough to explain the reasoning behind it.  When I see the broader picture, those decisions don’t look all that bad.  Once I know the reasons, I cannot be agitated about the current state of things.  With this context, I can make a better sense of what people mean by achieving world peace by making information freely available.

My experiences have mostly been with decisions about computer programs, because that’s what I do pretty much all the time.  I wonder, how different our lives would be if we could somehow know the reasoning behind all decisions our society has made over centuries.  And all the decisions our governments make.  And the reasoning behind every law we need to obey (including state laws, religious laws, etc).  Would Google or some other organisation or movement ever make this a reality?

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