9 Apr 2012

Random thoughts from a road trip to north NSW

I travel primarily for one reason: travelling lets me look into myself.  Some random thoughts from a recent 3 days long road trip:
  • I have always wanted to die in a road accident.  During this trip I could think of a (possibly stupid) reason.  Wide open roads are like gods: admirable, having a character, and fear-inspiring.  Dying in a road accident is, in a way, like surrendering to the roads.
  • Travelling in a car is a lot more tiring than travelling on a bike.
  • Being on the road alone makes me happy.  Third day of the trip was the happiest because I drove for about 750km.  Time spent on “touristy things” don’t add up to so much.
  • I really, really, really want to do a 6 to 8 weeks trip covering the full length of Australia Highway 1.
  • During the trip, I easily slept for 8 hours every night.  That’s the “normal” amount of sleep I used to get.  But increased computer time has shrunk it to 6 hours on average, which makes me :(
PS: I took some sloppy pictures too.

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