14 Jul 2021

Look before you leap: the temptation to invest in gold (again)

A new issue of Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) is currently available for purchase, and that’s what I see everywhere I look. Everyone sells SGBs and everyone is advertising them big time. Understandably so, since gold is one of the most favourite investment vehicles of Indians.

decided to not invest in gold sometime back, but still, the temptation caused by these promotions made me consider buying maybe a few grams. Then I came across these 2 at the right time:

The highlight here is that neither of these is new to me. I knew I didn’t want to invest in gold; I knew I had to look at rolling returns before purchasing any new investment asset. Yet, I had the temptation to buy SGBs.

Moral of the story? It’s hard to keep your head steady when there’s so much noise around you. Remain focused, and remain with conviction whether you decide to invest in a certain asset or decide to not invest in a certain asset.

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