15 Jul 2021

Ice creams are fun!

You like a certain pillow and a blanket in your house. They are your favourites. You bring them to the living room and put them on the floor when you watch TV. Because why not? They are your favourites after all.

You suddenly remember the 4 ice creams that are kept in the freezer. The freezer is a bit too high, but you can move your brother’s study desk and stand on it to reach the freezer; no big deal. You take the entire box with 4 ice creams and bring them to the living room. Did you close the freezer? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. But you’re too thrilled to worry about that now.

Kulfi ice creams in different colours with cashews and almonds scattered around

You take all 4 ice creams out and spread them on your favourite pillow. They are all different colours and you’re amused looking at them. But ice creams are tasty too. You eat them all in random order. Take one bite from this, and immediately get attracted by the other one, so one bite from that.

You don’t have the appetite to finish eating 1 ice cream, let alone 4. The ice creams are all meting. So you do the next best thing anyone can do: play with them. Spread the molten ice creams everywhere on the floor, on your favourite bedsheet, on your favourite pillow, on your clothes, everywhere on your body. It’s all super fun. The coldness and the gooey texture of the ice creams add to the fun.

When the ice creams are all fully molten and spread everywhere, not much is left to play with. You leave the place and go somewhere else and start a new game because you’re creative enough to invent a dozen new games everyday.

If you’re my daughter Anjana, this is something you’d casually do on a weekday afternoon. She’s probably thinking now, “Whether you eat them or play with them, ice creams are always fun!”

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