7 Nov 2010


I got off the rickshaw, paid the fare and said "Thank you bhaiya!"  As I was walking towards the restaurant, I started thinking.

Well, I am thanking this rickshaw driver because he took me to this place.  Shouldn't I be thanking the government and all labourers for paving and maintaining these roads?  Shouldn't I be thanking every single employee of Bajaj for making the rickshaw?  Shouldn't I be thanking the petrol pumps for making motor vehicles practically feasible?  Shouldn't I be thanking my employer for paying me enough to make rickshaw rides affordable to me?  Shouldn't I be thanking all my teachers -- everyone who has taught me in my entire life -- for making me eligible for getting this job?  Shouldn't I be thanking my family for all the hardships they went through to give me the quality education I got?  Shouldn't I be thanking the doctor who treated my broken leg so I can now walk around independently?  Shouldn't I be thanking my laundryman for washing my clothes on time so I could come out with good clothes?

Shouldn't I be thanking the entire universe for every nanosecond of my existence?

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