6 Nov 2010

The story of my running behind a bitch

I woke up late this morning and didn't go anywhere out till evening.  By around 5 in the evening, out of an inexplicable urge I left my house.  Unlike my usual self, I took a rickshaw.  Went to City Center and and had potato wedges and coffee at McDonalds.  I got out and started walking back home.

A little distance after crossing Mehdipatnam bus stand, I saw a (female) dog running in the opposite direction.  It went past me 2 metres, turned around, and started following me.  At a safe 0.5 to 1 metre distance the dog was now following me.  Every now and then it would come close to me so that I'd notice it.  It kept on coming with me till the Food World signal, which is about a kilometre from the bus stand.  I knew the dog is looking for food, and I didn't want to go without giving it anything.  I mean, it had followed me for a kilometre!  But there was a problem.

There were no shops on the side of the road we were in.  I had to cross the road to find anything to feed the dog.  I was pretty sure the dog won't cross the road with me.  So I decided that I would cross the road and see if the dog was still in sight.  If I could see it I'd buy something for it; otherwise I'd just go home.  So, I crossed the road -- which took longer than I would have liked -- and looked back.  The dog had stayed behind like I had thought.  It had moved a bit, but it was still there and I could see it.  So I went ahead and bought a pack of some cheap biscuit.  I crossed the road again to get back to the dog.

The dog had moved further and now it was a good 50 metres away from me.  "Well, I have bought the biscuits already, now I have no choice but to follow the dog," I told myself and started walking towards it.  The dog was moving slowly towards the bus stand, i.e. the direction opposite to my house.  I would have walked for about 45 seconds when I noticed these three lads walking before me.  One of them decided to amuse himself by throwing a stone at the dog I was chasing.  The stone didn't hit the dog, but the dog started running fast to save itself from being attacked.

"Oh shit," I said to myself and started walking fast.  The dog was very far now -- maybe 150 metres away from me, and it was running!  I started to walk fast, but I couldn't keep up with the running dog.  By the time I was near it, the dog had reached the bus stand already!  I was only a metre away from the dog, and I had to make it pay attention to me.  I threw a biscuit at it.  Scared, the dog moved away.  It stopped some 3 metres from me and stared at me to see what I was up to.  I took another biscuit and offered it.  It came near me cautiously and ate the biscuit off my hand.  Then I showed her the biscuit that I had thrown first.  She ate that too.  After it had eaten two biscuits, I unwrapped and kept the whole pack down on the floor.  It started eating, and I started walking back home.  This is what I had in mind then... "Bitch... it made me walk two extra kilometres!" :)

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