29 Nov 2010

Harsha Bogle's speech at IIMA

Harsha Bogle's excellent speech at IIM, Ahmedabad is available on the net.  It's pretty long, but it's worth watching it for the lessons he shares.  One request for those who understand Hindi: can you please translate what Harsha says at around 1 hour 16 minutes into the video?

Some quotes I collected from the speech:
  • Great teams become great because they excel in their preparation.
  • Take care of the runs, dollars will take care of themselves.
  • The moment going wrong falls into your possibility map, then you do go wrong.
  • For a purely selfish reason, if not for anything else, always surround yourself with people who are better than you.
  • You cannot marry someone who is marrying 22 hundreds.
  • Arrogance often comes in the way of excellence.  It's one of the biggest stumbling blocks on the path of excellence.
  • I was willing to be a non-striker.
  • In the world of excellence if your ego and anger are on your side, you don't need opponents.
  • Once you go beyond a certain level, ability or talent is the most useless virtue to possess.  It's what you do with that talent that matters.
  • The more mistakes you make, the more you know what not to do.  If you can be outstanding at knowing what not to do, then the road to what to do opens up before you, doesn't it?
  • I think excellence is more about humility, actually, even more than luck.  Because unless you are humble you'll never hang around, you'll never be willing to do what it takes for that opportunity to come.
  • Some of us never know how good we are.
Embedded video doesn't show up on certain sites like Google Buzz.  Here's a link to the video page: http://goo.gl/1w46V.

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