8 Nov 2010

Hyderabad... it gets on my nerves again

This post is a rant.

I spend about an hour in Hyderabad traffic almost everyday.  That ensures that I keep disliking this city.  People here don't seem to understand right of way, and that pisses me off.  My mind goes "dude, why don't you just let me go?"  From the little I have seen, they are just ignorant of right of way and it all becomes someone else's problem.  The traffic is equally bad, if not worse, when it's raining or dark.

And the traffic cops... oh my goodness!  They don't even care if someone is driving on the wrong side of the road.  Several times they have encouraged me to go past a junction when the signal is red!  One thing they do well is sit on your pillion, direct you to the close by ATM to get some bribe because you are not wearing a helmet or your bike doesn't have an AP registration number.  (Oh sure, you can drive with a TG number plate.)  Disgusting is the word!

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